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Product Description
  • Remove all temporary fixture in machine before connecting to power supply.
  • Please check and make sure the machine is place at a level surface.
  • The serial number of the machine cannot be zero as this will indicate the total number of the packing you want.
  • Make sure all the connection points is ideally fixed and no part is loosen.
  • Do not leave anything on the top of this machine especially like packet drinks and liquid item.
  • Avoid putting your hand into the machine during the operation as this will cut off your hand.
  • Closed the side doors of the machine properly to avoid winds.
  • Set the speed and the range of flowing according to the type of materials you want to pack

    Item Parameter
    Size 2200mm×1400mm×1300mm ( Length × Width × Height )
    Total 300W
    Voltage 380V
    Frequency 50-60HZ
    Labeling Speed 40-100bottles/minutes (according to the specification, shape of bottle and length of label)
    Size of label length 30mm~100mm;Width 30mm~160mm
    Bottle specification Height 80~270mm, Width (between 2 sides)≤ 110mm
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