Model No.︰DT
Brand Name︰XunJie
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description


Detergent Filling Machine Production Line

Detergent filling machine production line includes bottle feeder, bottle washing machine, tunnel drying and sterilization oven, transition turntable, filling & stoppering machine and capping machine.
Detergent filling machine production line is mainly used for infusion which capacity is small, vaccine, large volume injection, oil emulsions products. Replacing molds can be able to fill the range of 50ml to1000ml. Detergent filling machine production line applies to both glass bottles and plastic bottles. The application range of detergent filling machine production line is widely. To adjust the specification and filling volume is simple and reliable.

Parameters of Filling Machine:
Power supply: AC 220V/50HZ 1200W 
German company Festo
Touch screen :Taiwan view
PLC Mitsubishi Nissan Japan
bottle volume: 100-5000ml 
capacity: 700-4000bph 
filling type: piston filling
Fill speed: 3000bph for 500ml, 1500bph for 1L,  800bph for 2L
Measurement precision: ±1%
Cylinder size: 1000ml
Working air pressure: 6~7kg/cm2
Overall size: 2000×1000×2200mm, 4900x1300x2400mm 

Features of Detergent Filling Machine Production Line: 
1. Adopt domestic most advanced technology.
2. Filling system use PLC and human-computer interface control. Operation is easy, maintenance is convenient.
3. This machine is our company new filling machine with twin lane, the filling heads keep the same, but can do continuous filling of two lane, this save the bottle feeding time in one lane filling line.
4. It is suitable for various fluid packing of different specification.
5. All parts of the machine in contact with the materials that is made of the 316 stainless steel.

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