Model No.︰TD450
Brand Name︰Redstar
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

This food packing machine is produced in china, it is widely used in filling and packing various food, products and so on. It is very popular in human life.

Our products:  food packing machine, automatic bagged food packaging machine, bread vacuum packing machine,200g pouch dry friut packing machine,etc.


It is suitable for pharmaceutical in dustry, large density capsule, biscuits, bread, moon-cake, daily-commodty, and other regular shape.

Imported PLC fuily computer-contrlled system, touch is intuitionistic and easy to operate.

Main motor is equipped with excellent converter so to keep stepless governing possible .

High accuracy photoelectriv tracing system with automatic compensation in both direction bring the reliable accuracy.

Stepless speed variation is used for the length adjustment of the bag .this makes much more durable, and performance not lnly stable but also precisely

The conveying chain be adjusted without stopping ,Easy and active.

Multifunction feeding device ,wide in adjusting range ,more feasible ,stable and convenient.

Adjustable end close structure , to make the sealing more perfect ,No-Packaging cutting phenomenon

It can be equipped with filling nitrogen devive ,install the heating dot maker ,its position can be adjusted freely.

Its appearance is fully made of premium quality.





Packing film width


Packing speed


Film thickness

5 -60mm

Bag-making of length


Packing of width


Packing of height


Power supply

AC220V 50Hz 2.4KW

Machine dimensions


Machine weight




Our Services:
XUNJIE has a highly sophisticated technical talent, has a high- quality team, can in a timely manner to provide customers with comprehensive after-sale service.No damage to human factors, all products one year warranty, life-long maintenance. Professional production, quality assurance, affordable, welcome to inquire, all factory direct sales, look forward to building cooperate with you wholeheartedly!

If you have any questions,please don't hesitate to contact us.  We will reply to you asap. Thank you and welcome to XUNJIE.

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