Model No.︰RG2000
Brand Name︰Redstar
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

The Model RG2000 is a high-efficiency product developed by introducing the latest foreign technology, suitable for continuous and efficient sealing.
Useful for the aluminum foil sealing of containers in pharmaceutics, pesticide, foodstuffs, cosmetics, petrochemical industry and chemical industry to achieve anti-forgery and anti-theft purpose.
The machine operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction: The aluminum foil on the bottle top is highly heated instantaneously and melted so that the bottle mouth is closely wrapped and sealed.
The sealing is damp-proof, mould-proof, anti-forgery, anti-theft and prolongs goods storage time.
With the electrical control part and the cooling part designed separately, better cooling results are obtained.
The containers sealable can be made of PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, glass, porcelain
etc. but not metal, such as metal bottle bodies.
The main power elements are installed on the large heat sink and forcedly air cooled, and the heating inductor is cooled with two fans.
Small in size and convenient in operation. With the stepless speed variation of the conveying belt, continuous sealing operation is possible.
The machine has passed EMC electromagnetic radiation safety test.
The machine can be used in combination with bottle-arranging machine disks and the aluminum foil tester.

Item Parameter
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Power output 2000W, Adjustable
Productive capacity 80~200 Bottles / min.(More than 150 Bottles/min. for 60~10ml PE bottles)
Sealing dia. Φ16~ 60mm(Non standard dia. can be made according to customers’ order)
Conveying speed 2.4-12M/min. (Max. speed of 20 M/min is available according to customers’ order)
Container height 30-260mm
Dimensions Host machine:600×450×1310mm;Conveying belt: 1800×450×1350 mm
Weight Host machine: 90Kg;Conveying belt: 80Kg
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