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Product Description

Automatic quantitative packaging machine for large red bean
Scope of application:
Suitable for packing granular, sheet, strip, powder, such as tea, solid drinks, biscuits, rice, potato chips, shrimp, pet food, peanut, coffee, milk powder and other.
Functions and features:
1 advanced design concept, simple operation.
2 single chip microcomputer control system, the failure rate is low.
3 use the frequency conversion governor, shut down the machine automatically when the sealing knife, saving material.
4 bag making, filling, sealing, printing, measurement, finished product conveying.
Technical parameter:
Measurement range: 50-500ml
Bag size: 50-200 (L) * 40-150 (W) mm
Exterior dimensions: 1200 (L) * 700 (W) * 1520 (H) mm
Packing speed: 10-70bags/min
Applicable package material: OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, PET/PE
Roll film max width: 320mm
Power supply: /2Kw 220V/50Hz
Machine weight: 300Kg
Colorful world because of you - powder packaging machine!
Packaging industry development so far, in terms of equipment functions and types have been greatly improved. The increasing number of commodities, people on the packaging requirements are also more stringent, to the packaging machinery has brought greater room for development, but also brought enormous pressure. Jinan Xunjie packaging machine industry as a leader, to help enterprises to realize the diversification of the survival, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce the production costs of enterprises, for enterprises to win a lot of market competitiveness. Now, want to seize more market share, we must reform and innovation, and constantly improve the technical content of the product and the degree of automation. Let our packaging machinery to use more convenient, the service life can also be increased.
The rapid development of a business can not be separated from the advanced technology, powder packaging machine is no exception. Fast is gradually going abroad, to the world. Powder packing machine, make our world more bright and colorful!

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