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Product Description

Performance characteristics:
1, high precision, fast speed, long life, good stability, artificial bagging, automatic measurement.
2, not subject to the restrictions of the packaging containers, suitable for the variety of materials and packaging specifications often change the occasion to use.
3, digital display is simple and intuitive, continuous and adjustable packaging specifications, the working state of arbitrary transformation, the operation is very simple.
4, for easy to produce dust material in the mouth can be interface or dust suction device equipped with our unique design.
5, large cast for gravity feed, small cast for the vibration feeding, electronic weighing scale, to overcome the change caused by the proportion of material caused by the measurement error of the shortcomings.
Scope of application:
Suitable for packaging of granular materials with good fluidity, such as wheat, corn, rice, urea, feed, etc..
Main technical parameters:
Metering mode: weighing type (industrial electronic scale)
Whole power: 350 watts
Feeding way: + two, self vibration feeding
Weighing range: 5 ~ 25 kg (continuous adjustable)
Packaging specifications: 5 ~ 25 kg (2 grams of resolution)
Single bag error: less than 15 grams of machine
Weight: 250 kg
Packing speed: 10 ~ 7 bags per minute
Power supply: /50Hz 220V
Granular packaging machine, experience new different
As now the continuous development of economy, people's standard of living and quality of life have a qualitative change, in life no longer mediocre, but attaches great importance to health way of life, packaging machine, has been leading the us toward a new life, let us have a new life experience, is this unusual experience let us have more new expectation and yearning for a new life.
Because of the future life of a beautiful vision and hope, so to the packaging machine forward momentum, I believe that with the lead and efforts of the packaging machine, surprise will not be interrupted, the experience will be different.

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