• Board Shrink Packaging Machine
  • Board Shrink Packaging Machine
Model No.︰DT-FBS1200
Brand Name︰XunJie
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 8600 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


Board Shrink Packaging Machine

The advent of the summer solstice means that the arrival of the harvest season, which lead to the filling machine equipment the season


Our company products include: Liquid  Filling Machine, Filling Machine, Packaging Machine, Packing Machine, etc.


Product Description of Board Shrink Packaging Machine:

Machine Type: FBS1200 Board Shrink Packaging Machine

This series of models is designed for door panels, glass and other sheet types shrink packaging,is equipped with high-power motor, and thus have a higher load capacity, Using a number of high-power internal circulation fan, macke shrink room have a more uniform, adequate hot inner loop, to ensure a large flat items shrink packaging.

Before and after the machine is equipped with non-powered conveyor platform,operate more convenient. Applicable to any film shrink packaging.



Main Technical Parameters of Board Shrink Packaging Machine:

Voltage (V): 380V

Power (KW): 27

Load (kg): 100

Furnace Size (mm): 1900x1200x200

Dimension (mm): 3100x1400x1200

Conveyor speed (m / min): 0 ~ 10

Weight (kg): 500


Professional production, quality assurance, affordable, welcome to inquire, all factory direct sales, look forward to building cooperate with you wholeheartedly! if you buy our brand, we would give you a recommendation and could make a discount for you. By this way, if you need other related packaging machinery equipment, our manufacturer could also supply it. 

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