Model No.︰DT-PL
Brand Name︰XunJie
Country of Origin︰China
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Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Automatic Olive Oil Filling Production Line


Our goal is to produce more better and low price filling machines, packaging machines and so on.

Our company products include: Filling Machine, Packing Machine and Packaging Machine.


Description of Automatic Olive Oil Filling Production Line:

Type of Filling Machine: ZLDG-12

The Production Line of Filling Machine: Automatic Olive Oil Filling Production Line.



This production line of filling machine is widely used in a variety of bottled liquids (1-6 L), such as lubricating oil, cooking oil and other viscous or non-viscous liquid quantitative filling.


Specifications of Automatic Olive Oil Filling Production Line:

Filling head count: 12

Filling speed: 1200-2400 (b / h)

Filling accuracy: ± ≤ 0.3% FS

Power Supply: 220/380V

Pressure: 0.5-1 .0 Mpa


Principle and Features about Automatic Olive Oil Filling Production Line:

A. The filling machine is automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, suitable for filling all kinds of oils, such as lubricating oil, edible oil filling.

B. The model of automatic olive oil filling line is equipped with touch-screen,11 meters Frequency belt, auto-sensing-based sealer, vacuum anti-drip device

C. The automatic olive oil filling production line has a beautiful shape, a high filling precision, convenient adjustment and easy to operate etc.

D. The automatic olive oil filling production line is adopted a man-machine interface directly to set the filling volume;

E. PLC program control, inverter adjusts the speed, filling in line.

F. High-precision positive displacement flow meters, quantitative accurate and reliable;

G. Mechanical seals plus vacuum suck back muck a double anti-drip;

H. Quickly at first and slow down after, the double-flow speed make more accuracy effect

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