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Red dates packaging machine - packaging machine - red dates jujube bagging machine


Red dates, also known as jujube. The most prominent feature is the high vitamin content of jujube. Continuous eating jujube patients, health recovery than simply take vitamin agents more than 3 times faster. Deeply loved by the vast number of consumers, the packaging and transportation of this product has brought a broad market. Red jujube packaging machine is the date of the plastic bag packaging, or vacuum packaging, increase the shelf life of red dates, convenient storage and sales. Red jujube Packaging Machine Description: easy to operate, using the German SIEMENS PLC control, with touch screen man-machine interface control system, easy to operate. The use of frequency control, frequency control device of jujube packing machine, adjustable speed within a predetermined range.

Automatic detection function, if not open the bag or the bag is not complete, do not feed, not heat sealing, the bag can be used again, not a waste of materials, saving the production cost for the user. Temperature using PLC adjustment, according to the packaging bag can be arbitrarily changed in the touch screen.
The machine adopts the braking function, and the safety protection function is started when the machine is shut down.
. package material loss is low, Ziziphus jujuba packaging machine is prefabricated bags, packaging bag pattern is perfect, good sealing quality, thereby improving the grade of products, Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing jujube packing machine provide a series of products.
. supporting the use of automatic metering device (such as: automatic screw filling machine, intelligent combination weigher, liquid filling machine, etc.) can be in accordance with the requirements of packaging materials can also be manually feeding automatic packaging.
The import process of plastic bearing red dates and bagging machine, without refueling, maintenance free, less pollution;
Jujube packing machine is in conformity with the standards of hygiene in the food processing industry, machines and materials or packaging bag contact parts adopt stainless steel or other materials which accord with the food hygiene requirements, guarantee the health and safety of food.
The packing bag is suitable for a wide range, and can be used for the prefabricated bag and the paper bag made of multilayer composite film, single layer PE, PP and other materials. Xinjiang jujube packaging machine packaging machine, packaging machine, red dates jujube jujube red dates bagging machine packing machine

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