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Automatic packaging machine powder automatic packaging machine - milk powder packaging machine
Combined weighing automatic packaging machine


Main performance and structural characteristics:
1, the province artificial, low loss, easy operation and maintenance.
2, automatic completion of feeding, measuring, filling, date printing, the product output of all production processes.
3, the measurement accuracy is high, the efficiency is fast, does not break the material.
- work characteristics:
1 step motor, quiet operation, stable operation, long life.
2 according to the measured object specific capacity, fine-tuning the Doumen open closing speed, prevent crushing and chat card.
3 stable 10 bucket structure, high accuracy of the sensor, so that the correct measurement of the moment to achieve.
4 calculation error: within + 1.5g
Extended product reading
This set of unit
1, XJB-4230 type
2, vibration feeder
3, electronic scale platform
Ten, 4 computer combination scale
5, Z type material conveyor
6, finished product delivery

Scope of application:
Puffed food, potato chips, candy, pistachio nuts, raisins, glutinous rice balls, meatballs, peanuts, biscuits, jelly, candied fruit, walnut, pickles, frozen dumplings, almond, salt, washing powder, solid beverage, cereal, pesticide particles flake particles and sliced, powder and other items.
Since entering in October, the residents of the obvious feeling of pork, chicken prices diving down, and even some areas of pork, chicken prices have been dish to the cost of the following. From the survey this month compared with last month, pig pork prices, pig haunch of meat prices fell 4.9%, 4.8%. Sub provinces and municipalities, the 31 provinces and municipalities pork prices all fell, a decline of more than 4%-7%. This shows that CPICPI is expected to fall back. This is good news for ordinary residents, but for farmers is not a small blow. Coupled with the recent General Logistics prices, raw pork, chicken packaging costs, transport losses and other factors in the process of this price has fallen below the cost price, some farmers face the crisis of bankruptcy. For the loss and deterioration of pork packaging, transport, food packaging machinery and food packaging machinery and vacuum can be perfect to help you solve. Food packaging machine is specialized in food packaging and food packaging machines, can be applied with meat, material, food, biscuits and other food packaging, and packaging costs are low, fast packaging. Vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food can be anti oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. Vacuum packaging machine is able to prevent the process of pork transport in the process of corruption and deterioration, to maintain fresh pork. This is for some farmers to save a lot of cost. Quick machinery not only to do the country's most powerful packaging machine enterprise more to do the domestic leading spiritual civilization enterprise.
Enterprise innovation is the vitality, a business only constant innovation, in the world to adapt to the trend of the world at the same time the courage to break the traditional spirit of innovation, in order to be in an invincible position in the increasingly fierce competition! As has been away from US jobs that bold dare to disruptive innovations that will melt in design art, soluble in production. Jobs is away from us, but his creation of iPhone4 and iPhone4s is to bring us the impact will be eternal. Few people in the world like Steve Jobs, as the effect. This effect will be long-term (adapted from Bill Gates to Steve's eulogy) - mourn at the same time, celerity machinery encourage employees to actively innovation, not only the electronic products, we believe that packaging machine, filling machine and other light industrial machinery and equipment also can achieve the combination of art and practical, let your employees in the production operation is no longer monotonous, but to give the soul of the machine. All this can be done only by innovation. Quick packaging machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. has always firmly believe that: innovation is the power!

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